November 24, 2018

We bought a farm!

The seed was planted before we even got married. We knew we wanted to have 4 children and live on a farm. Fast-forward 17 years, despite the challenges of life and having never given up on our dream, we decided that the timing would never be perfect, so we did it. We did it! It wasn’t easy, but we bought an alpaca farm.

We are often asked “Why alpacas?”. The answer, while making perfect sense to ourselves, proves something a little tricky to put into eloquent words to describe to others. Simply put, it has been a lot of little things throughout the years that added to each other that brought us to this point; A yearning for a simpler, slower life (not to be confused with an easier life), reading an article about alpaca farming in an airline magazine during a long flight, a camping trip that included a visit to a nearby llama farm and a birthday party petting zoo with an alpaca named “Howard”.